A Lovely Walk in a Fresh Snow

These are the rocks at the top of the overlook at Carvins Cove.

Today’s little adventure was a day hike up the lower portion of Tinker Mountain via the Hollins Greenway trail. It was a snow-packed hike because of yesterday’s five inches–or so–of perfect-for-sledding snow.

Tracks in the snow melted into a muddy trail.

The trail was slick and muddy in spots because the temperature was about 37 degrees and there was a little melting in the areas where there were footprints (and there weren’t all that many). I thought initially that it might be a dangerous walk, but it wasn’t. My hiking pole kept me stable throughout.

It was eerily quiet and quite beautiful. At times all I could hear were an occasional airplane overhead or a stream nearby. Great for calming. Here’s some of what it looked like.

This creek made the only sounds for a while.
The snow got heavy and weighed a lot of the pines down.
That’s the trailhead behind me at the bridge.
The old trooper at the creek.
This father and son passed me on the way up and on the way back.
That’s Tinker Mountain in the distance.
That’s Carvins Cove at the bottom of the hill.
I don’t know why this old cedar was yellow, but it was a bright golden color even without the sun on it.
This is the meadow at the foot of Tinker.


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