Sometimes Just Go With What You Know

Sometimes, I swear, I just make it hard on myself, going around my ass to get to my elbow, when I very well know the proper way.

Latest example is the purchase of a small, 4V household electric screwdriver. I use these for photo framing and it makes putting the frames together so much easier–when you have a good drill.

I went to Lowes–knowing Lowes does carry Craftsman, the tool I have preferred all my adult life–and bought a Black and Decker model for $31. Took it home, charged it for nine hours (after having to use dynamite to get inside the hard plastic, shrink-wrap plastic) and then turned it on for use. Nothing. Didn’t charge. Tried it again. Nada.

Took it back and traded for another, getting the explanation that “sometimes you just get a dud.” Today I took the second one back and said I didn’t want another. The damn things won’t take a charge.

So I drove the extra two miles over to Sears, bought a Craftsman ($21, saving $10 for a better drill) and it’s already working. Didn’t have to charge it. Didn’t have to use dynamite to get into the nice box with the drill wrapped in light, easy-to open plastic. Sears came through again. I hope to god Sears doesn’t close before I die, leaving me at the mercy of Lowes or Home Depot.

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