A Visit With a Good, Old Friend

Pete and me at Panera.

Just had lunch with one of my best friends–ever–Pete Krull. Pete’s in town to work personally with some of his investment clients (I’m one, but my “estate” is so small that it  gives us both a good laugh) through his Earth Equity Advisers.

Pete and I share a lot of values and the reason he has invested my money is because he does it the right way, considering who’s getting the investment and whether that company shares my priorities. His company’s motto is, “Helping you align your investments with your values.”

You might imagine that means less return on your buck, but it doesn’t. Not at all. He’s happy to tell you precisely how it equates, and I can tell you that when people were losing a lot of money during the Bush financial travesty, I was not.

Anyhow, catching up with a valued old friend is worth its weight in gold. Pete has moved from Sapelo Island, Ga., where his wife, Melissa Boothe, was a marine biologist with the University of Georgia, to my hometown of Asheville. They love it there–at least partly, I think because of the “values” thingy. Asheville is a liberal city in a sea of Trump-like government. It is also gorgeous.

Pete and Melissa have spent a bit of time in Costa Rica in the past couple of years and Pete is quite taken with the country, hoping at some point to invest there–with Melissa’s approval. There was a lot to catch up on, but what I always come away with from these reunions is just how much I miss people like Pete.

One of the issues I remember that attracted Pete and me to each other is that we were in businesses where people assumed us to be conservative–Pete investments, me as editor of a business publication at the time we met. We both had fun with that.

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