Preparing Boston Butt Whole

Read the label. Carefully. Still don’t believe me?

People eat strange things. Hog brains, beef tongues, scrapple, chitterlings, pickled pig’s feet (my dad loved those and cooked the chitterlings), road kill, ground hog, bats and all kinds of other crap.

My favorite, though–and maybe yours, too–is Boston Butt Whole, from which we get great barbecue. It’s part of the back end of the pig and, as we all know, we eat everything on the pig but the oink. This is good stuff, though and if you haven’t had pork BBQ made with the Whole, you ain’t lived, baby.

As proof this exists, I offer you the Kroger label that came on the Whole that’s in my oven right now, making the house smell like a Lion’s Club convention.

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