Harry Potter: A Roanoke Celebration

This was the festival’s spirit and it was fun.

This, I think, was a mom-daughter duo.

I’m going to have to make an embarrassing admission before I go anywhere with this: I’ve never read a word of Harry Potter in particular or J.K. Rowling in general and I’ve only seen one of the movies. I’m not a fan. But I understand the lure and I respect that this has led more people to read than anything else in Western Civilization outside the Bible and maybe Mark Twain.

So, it was with a degree of enthusiasm that I took my Leica to Roanoke City Market today for a pretty good sized spring celebration of the publishing phenomenon and I got all I paid for. TheĀ  crowd was heavy on the kid side and–to my delight–contained a wealth of redheads and round glasses.

Here’s some of what I saw without much comment, since I wouldn’t know what to say anyway. You figure it out.


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