Overwhelming ‘Trump and His Minions’

“Trump has brought us to a state where we will have to do a lot of very basic thinking about how our society goes on from this point.”–Writer Marilynne Robinson (here)

It occurs to me that in order to reverse the direction of the directionless Trump Administration, we don’t need to change the mind of a single Trump voter, a single Republican, a single Christian extremist. Our task is a simple, though difficult one: get those who think like us to act, to vote.

There are a hell of a lot more of us than there are of the Trump stripe and our own assumption that Americans couldn’t possibly be stupid, mean, thoughtless, crazy, evil enough to vote Trump was naive at best, equally stupid, mean, etc., at worst.

Trump was elected by about a quarter of the adults in America. Of the adults who didn’t vote, an overwhelming majority (about 70 percent by a couple of estimates) would have voted Clinton or Third Party had they troubled themselves to get to register and get to the polls.. That’s a lot of votes, enough to overwhelm Trump and his minions.

Getting them to break their patterns, however, is another story.

One thought on “Overwhelming ‘Trump and His Minions’

  1. What we need is not voter suppression, but mandatory voting, and to be rid of the electoral college. This will not be a true democracy until every voice counts, and the only way to ensure that is to make voting mandatory. They can write in Monsieur Mouse for all I care, but people should vote. It should be considered part of the civic duty required to live here and take part in this great experiment. I know many will disagree with making anything mandatory, but many things already are and no one questions them. We need to change the dialogue about voting. It should not be a choice, it should be considered a necessary part of being a citizen. Do they even teach civics anymore? I think not.

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