Margie the Burger Girl

Big burger, small mouth, huge effort.

Margie and her biggie burger.

I don’t believe I’ve ever known anyone who liked burgers as much as Margie does.

Small or large, spare or loaded, overcooked or rare: all the same to her.

We all have preferences, but Margie’s are minor. She wants tomato, lettuce, pickle, mayo and a burger that is crispy on the outside, medium well inside. She likes sweet buns. But she can go with no bun at all.

In fact, when I ask her what she wants for dinner, my question most often is, “You want your burger with or without a bun tonight? And a baked potato, maybe?” She loves the baked potato (just butter, please, but about half a  stick of it), as well. Easy woman to please at dinner time.

As she often says, when I ask, “Do you like (pick your food)?” “Anything but liver. Anything at all.” But especially a burger.

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