Donald Trump: Record-setting President?

William Henry Harrison: Trump can’t beat him.

Donald Trump just loves over-the-top superlatives: best, most, fastest, record-setting, unequaled, biggest, hottest, richest, bluest …

Nothing in his world having to do with Donald Trump is average. In reality, that’s true, no doubt, but not in the way he envisions.

In less than four months as president, he has a special prosecutor investigating whether he has committed treason or other high crimes and misdemeanors. That usually takes a little while. He has set a record.

The way he is looting the treasury and using the highest office in the land to enrich himself and his family is also unequaled (he’d probably call it the “best”) in the annals of the chief exec.

His increasingly failing efforts to rearrange what some call our “democracy” into his dictatorial-oligarchy rivals that of Richard Nixon and George Bush II–probably clobbering both.

His staff turnover has been awe-inspiring and, from all that I read, it is getting ready to set all-time White House records.

However: this boy is likely to leave office without the record for “shortest term.”  William Henry Harrison served 31 days and died of “natural causes,” and James Garfield, who was shot 3 months, 28 days after being sworn in and died 79 days later, served 199 days. Both are likely to beat Trump, barring some event many would celebrate. But he has his own records and I’m certain he has the real “news” about Garfield and Harrison.


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