What This Isn’t and What It Is

Me as editor in 1988.

It is always more fun to say what we are than what we aren’t, but the latter is important here. Because of my background in journalism (more than 50 years), many believe this blog to be an extension of my profession. It is not. This is my impression of the world I see. Some of it is reported like a magazine story, some like a left-wing blog, some like a letter to mama. But it’s all me in my time off from my job.

You are invited to comment and take part here, but you are not invited to be vulgar, personally insulting or simply a person I wouldn’t invite into my home. You can criticize me–I invite it–but don’t personally insult my guests or people other than me. Don’t spit on my living room floor. If you are respectful, smart and contributing to good conversation, you are always invited. If you’re trolling to cause trouble, go somewhere else.

I want this to be a fun and informative site. Help keep it that way, and if you have a comment, sign it.

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Hi, Dan,

I’m the children’s librarian at the Salem Public Library. Next month Jeffrey Rigdon is coming here to do a Viking storytime (which we are ridiculously excited about!). I’m working on some posters to advertise the event, and in searching Google for photos to use I keep getting directed to your blog. Do you mind if I use some of your pictures? I will credit you, of course. The only place the photos will appear are in the library and on our Facebook page.

I completely understand if you’d rather I didn’t use the images!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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